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We provide every opportunity for YOU to access our skilled coaches and expert services.
Primarily based in North West Tasmania in the picturesque, clean, green farming area of South Riana, Moving Mind Mountains is a flexible family business, willing to travel to meet YOUR needs. In addition, we also operate coaching sessions by phone or Skype and payment plans are available if required.

It is a coaching and training business where we journey individuals and groups of all ages, through the labyrinth of life in Sport, Education, Business and Life, facilitating personal development, transformation and success.

Through various techniques, which include Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line TherapyTM (TLT), our knowledge, wisdom and experiences we coach you through the labyrinth of life to design the life YOU want, one of balance, peace, happiness and success.
We have backgrounds which vary from small business operators in agriculture to teaching, but as a family unit we continually embrace a lifelong journey of education by growing our skills and knowledge.

Through employing, both local and international people, and having family members with learning difficulties and serious illnesses, we have developed an interest in how people and the mind/brain works and functions and impacts on our lives.

Our combined achievements include a Nuffield scholarship, Education and Science Degrees, Master Practitioner Qualifications in NLP, TLT, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching and NLP Training.


Moving Mind Mountains, based in Tasmania, is a flexible coaching and training business focused on rapid results and solutions. It takes individuals or groups, from all walks of life, worldwide, on a journey of discovery, evolution and success, in a friendly, positive, supportive environment.


At Moving Mind Mountains, it is our mission to use all our knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences to help YOU design the life YOU want; one of balance, peace, happiness and success.



At Moving Mind Mountains, we are motivated to motivate YOU.

Opportunities, Optimistic,

At Moving Mind Mountains, we are optimistic about the opportunities YOU have to manage YOUR life so YOU reach YOUR dreams and potential.

Value, Vision

We value YOU at Moving Mind Mountains and we have the vision to design a program to suit YOUR needs.

Investing, Integrity

Moving Mind Mountains is a business of integrity and believes it is worth investing time in helping YOU overcome YOUR issues.


Moving Mind Mountains will use inventiveness to problem solve a solution for YOU.

Goals, Grateful, Growth, Guidance, Guarantee

Moving Mind Mountains is grateful to YOU for allowing us to help YOU with YOUR personal growth, to help set YOUR goals and to give YOU guidance. We provide YOU a 100% money backed guarantee that our services will give YOU the results YOU want.

Meaningful, Miracles

YOUR time with Moving Mind Mountains will be meaningful and miracles are possible.

Intuitive, Intelligent

At Moving Mind Mountains, we use an intelligent and intuitive approach to assist YOU.

Encourage, energy, enthusiasm

At Moving Mind Mountains, we encourage YOU with enthusiasm and energy.


At Moving Mind Mountains, we are driven to facilitate YOUR desired outcome.

Master, Measurable

At Moving Mind Mountains, we aim for YOU to be the Master of YOUR life with measurable results.

Oneness, Own, Open mind

At Moving Mind Mountains, we want YOU to come to us with an openmind, wanting to own your life and ultimately get oneness with self.

Unique, Uplifting, Understanding

At Moving Mind Mountains, we offer a unique, understanding approachwhich aims to uplift YOU.


At Moving Mind Mountains, we use all the knowledge available to us to provide you with the solutions YOU want.

Trust, Truth, Teamwork

Are YOU ready to face the truth, then with teamwork and trust Moving Mind Mountains is ready to work with YOU.

Achieve, Accessible, Accomplish, Approachable, Appreciate

Moving Mind Mountains is approachable and accessible to YOU, it appreciates YOU, wants YOU to achieve and accomplish YOUR goals and manage YOUR issues.

Inspire, Independence, Imagination

Moving Mind Mountains uses YOUR imagination to inspire YOU and give YOU independence.


At Moving Mind Mountains, we are continually learning and we want to assist YOUR learning as well.

Successful, Solutions, Sensitive, Stability, Support, Speed,

At Moving Mind Mountains, we want to offer YOU a stable, sensitive, supportive environment where successful solutions are realized in a speedy manner and for YOU to ultimately


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