Success Stories

Moving Mind Mountains Success Stories

Kara Barker worked with me to help me overcome personal barriers I had to achieve my black belt.

The process Kara used was to identify each of my fears and replace them with events that were successful so when I thought about breaking a board I felt confident. Kara also used modelling with me to visualise a person who had excellent technique and then model their performance.

The process Kara used was quick and effective only requiring two sessions. I achieved my black belt and throughout the event I felt excited and energetic rather than nervous and anxious.

If there was an area in my life I would like to improve or another challenge I would like to overcome , I would have no hesitation in working with Kara to achieve a positive outcome.
The process was effective, painless and quick.

Michelle, BurnieTas

It’s a beautiful feeling when you know you’re ready to fly. Happiness is to me in a word right now!

Working with Tony has allowed me to feel a sense of freedom and internal happiness which I have not felt for years.

With the help of Tony using Time Line Therapy I now have a renewed sense of direction and positivity in my life; I will be ever grateful to Tony.

Steph, Cobargo NSW

I very much like Tony’s non-judging approach, absence of negativity and his confidence in the processes and outcomes. I also noticed when working with Tony that he did not specifically and directly lead, which kept me at cause when I was looking for someone else to give me my own answers! In addition to the Avalanche and change work (of enormous value to me), Tony’s flexibility on the location of appointments is very valuable, as is negotiable payment terms. Coaching sessions were easy to attend – always calm and laid back. As positive change was a consistent outcome from sessions, I now look forward to working with Tony in a place that is safe, to change things that I have been afraid to look at or let go of – without pain or trauma. I totally recommend Tony and the Moving Mind Mountains team to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life!

Penny, Smithton Tas