Who is Amanda Paske?

Amanda Paske
Amanda Paske
Program Coordinator

My family consists of my husband Tony, and 18 year old daughter, Kara and 17 year old son, Lachlan.

I was a very shy child, who never accepted things have to be as they are that there are always solutions or possibilities and that things will eventually happen as you expected or worked towards. I also learnt as a child that good things could come out of bad things.

I was bought up in a family with two brothers, spending a lot of time outdoors playing, mostly in a beach environment at our grandparent’s shack. For most of my childhood they were my best mates and I was their second mum. I had strong influences from a grandmother who encouraged creativity, encouraged new skills (gardening, crafts & cooking), sharing of time, listening, loving and talking and from an aunt, who encouraged freedom of thinking and thinking alternatively. From my parents, I developed an understanding of work ethic, discipline, involvement and helping of others, observing people, understanding people’s needs determination, achievement and succeeding. I remember as a child tagging around after my dad when he was working, at his community service organisations, renovating his home, cooking and gardening. I saw as a child that our parents worked for a better life for the family.

I spent about five years teaching predominantly Maths and Science in Tasmanian High Schools, after studying for a Science degree and while studying for an Education degree through the University of Tasmania before becoming a farmer.

We decided to home school our children until they were eight, after being in the education system, I wanted the responsibility of making sure they both had the basic numeracy and literacy skills. I am grateful for this opportunity as during this time I discovered both of our children, who seemed very bright and talented, had learning issues (Dyslexia) and since discovered that there are and were problems within the extended family with learning issues. As a result, home schooling continued and was constantly reviewed taking into consideration the kids needs.

I became a farmer after I married Tony. I had always wanted to live and be on a farm as a child having a love of animals and the outdoors. Working on the farm meant I could help my mother get to her cancer treatments, have a family and it also aligned with my Science degree, the experimenting and research. Farming for me, meant lots of learning that was new and even involved skills I had learnt teaching. I also discovered how advanced the Dairy Industry was for providing opportunities for farmers to learn and develop. I also learnt that good farmers had to be very intelligent, interact with many types of people, employees, lawyers, accountants, vets, bankers and also be multidisciplinary. Farmers need to be vets, employers, finance managers, marketers, animal behaviourists, problem solvers, inventors, scientists…

I found succession planning awkward, at times unpleasant, frustrating and very stressful.

I feel happy and inspired when I see other people happy and have overcome their hurdles. I love solving problems, learning, being creative, reading, being in the garden, with nature and animals, cooking, helping people and seeing them succeed, working towards and meeting their dreams. I am inspired by people who achieve, follow their dreams, are passionate about what they do, determined in the face of adversity, love and appreciate life they have, people that care, take time out to listen & understand and help, humble people, people that want to learn and challenge convention, eg, famous people like Einstein, Da Vinci, Oprah, Jamie Oliver, Dr John Demartini, Richard Branson, John Wooden, Mother Theresa… but also everyday people that I come into contact with, like some of my school teachers, University lecturers, my mother -in -law, my kid’s Davis Dyslexia Facilitator, our kids; who have been a blessing to us and have been major influences in my life, they have taught me so much and without them I wouldn’t be the person that I am today…. All these people teach by their actions.
Over the years, I have worked on myself with various people, Psychologist, Naturopaths, BodyTalk practitioners, Psychics to name a few. These people along with self help books and various course/workshops have helped me understand myself more, helped me look for the solutions and possibilities.

I love life’s possibilities and opportunities and the things that there are to learn and find out about. I am interested in learning, Alternative Medicine,-Energy Medicine, eastern Medicine, Natural Medicine, the Human mind & psyche and psychology. I love reading & books, art & craft, cooking, gardening, kids, listening to music and animals,
My greatest achievements are many, but they all boil down to believing obstacles can be overcome, that when something bad happens there is also something good that comes out of it and that there are always possibilities, with some being that it is just time to let go and be. It is also believing that the only person who can really help you is yourself, that what you think about you bring about and that all things are energy so that nothing is destroyed or lost but is transformed into another energy form.

The three most important beliefs for me are

  1. “Miracles are possible” that
  2. “Our beliefs shape our lives and that if we want our life to change we have to change our beliefs” and
  3. The only person who is responsible for our life is ourselves and we are the only person who can make change to our life.

It is exciting being a part of the Moving Mind Mountains team; assisting people find their miracles, change their beliefs, become responsible for their lives and have the life they want by living life with purpose.